Temporary Disability
If you have been unable to return to work as a result of your work injury you may be entitled to compensation. This benefit is designed to pay you while you are still recovering following an injury. If you have been off work due to a work injury and are not being compensated we will work to get your temporary disability benefits started which can begin as early as your first doctor visit.

Medical Treatment
If you have been injured at work you are entitled to medical treatment for the medical conditions that have been approved on your claim. This includes everything from medications and physical therapy to surgery depending on the severity of the injury. Sometimes the Bureau of Workers' Compensation or the employer will deny treatment. We will appeal the denial and work with you and your doctors to get the treatment approved at hearing. We do not charge you for attending hearings to get your treatment approved.

Permanent Partial Disability
Following an injury the Workers' Compensation system allows for the injured to be compensated for any remaining impairment due to the injury. The impairment is determined by one or two physician examinations. Depending on the amount of impairment assigned, a monetary award is then made. If you have been injured at work, we can help you apply for this benefit and if necessary, appeal an unfair award.

Wage Loss
This benefit is designed to compensate you if you are making less money following your injury than you were before your injury. This can happen in various ways. If you believe that you are suffering a wage loss as a result of your work injury, call our office and we would be happy to discuss your case with you.

Vocational Rehabilitation
If you have permanent restrictions as a result of the medical conditions on your claim, you may be entitled to hep with returning to work, also known as vocational services. The vocational services are individually tailored to the needs of the injured worker which can include additional job training, transitional work programs, and help with preparing a resume and with job search. You will receive compensation known as Living Maintenance while you are in the vocational rehabilitation program.

Dependent Benefits / Death Benefits
If a family member has been in a work accident that resulted in his or her death you may be entitled to Dependent Benefits. These benefits are available to spouses, minor children under the age of 18 or longer if they are enrolled in an institution of higher education, and in some situations parents of the deceased worker. There are also certain death benefits that may be available such a payment of funeral expenses, and medical bills. If you have questions about possible dependent death benefits call our office and a attorney will be happy to assist you.

Amputations / Loss of Use
If you were in a work accident that resulted in the amputation, total stiffness or the inability to use an a body part such as your finger, hand, arm, toe, or leg you are entitled to compensation. If you have suffered an amputation, total stiffness or believe you may the inability to use a body part due to a work accident, call our office and we will be happy to discuss your condition with you as well as the benefits that you may be entitled to.

Final Settlement of Claim
If you have been injured as the result of a work accident, it may be possible to settle the claim for a lump sum monetary award. The amount of the final settlement depends on many factors. Our Attorneys will evaluate your individual case and make a demand for settlement. The attorney will then negotiate with the Bureau of Worker's Compensation or the employer to maximize the value of the final settlement.

Permanent Total Disability
If your doctor believes that your injuries will permanently disable you from even sit-down (sedentary) employment, you may quality for weekly benefits for the rest of your life. Once on this benefit, you can explore taking money advancements on your future benefits or possibly receive a lump sum settlement of your future compensation payments. Call one of our attorneys to discuss these options.

Violation of Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR)
In certain situations an injured worker or dependent may file an application for a Safety Violation award. If there is evidence that a specific safety requirement as outlined in the Ohio Administrative Code has been violated, the Industrial Commission can assess a penalty against the employer. The application must be filed within two years of the date of injury. In order to apply for a VSSR award, the application must list the specific code sections that have been violated. It is best to seek legal counsel prior to filing a VSSR application, failing to list all applicable code sections can make it very difficult to win a VSSR hearing. Additionally, an employer will almost always hire an attorney to defend against the safety violation so it is best to have an attorney fighting on your behalf.

Psychological Diagnoses
Being injured or disabled can take its toll on a person emotionally. Common medical conditions include depression and anxiety. In order to have a claim recognized and covered for a psychological condition, you would have to been seen and diagnosed by a psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed social worker. There is usually a separate medical exam conducted by a Bureau of Workers Compensation doctor or one selected by a self-insured employer. If you are feeling the emotionally effects of your injury, this is perfectly normal. You should talk to your doctor or attorney about a referral for a consultation with a mental health provider.