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Our Firm

Helping people who are injured on the job or who are disabled. That is what we have dedicated our practice to since 1990. We built our practice on being aggressive in our representation and giving clients one on one personal service. At Dean R. Wagner Co., L.P.A., we give clients the best of both worlds. We are big enough to provide the muscle needed to be your advocate for benefits against the Bureau of Workers Compensation or employer. We are small enough, however, to give our clients custom tailored individualized representation. Customer service is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on listening to your concerns, recognizing your needs and responding promptly, professionally and accurately so you can get what you need to recover and get back to work.

We have a complete team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of work injuries. That includes:

  • • Neck and back injuries
  • • Fractures
  • • Shoulder injuries
  • • Amputation or loss of use of a body part
  • • Chronic regional pain syndrome/RSD
  • • Depression and other psychological injuries
  • • Knee and hip injuries
  • • Safety violations
  • • Trauma accidents
  • • Repetitive motion injuries
  • • Pulmonary injuries
  • • Chemical exposures
  • • All other types of work injuries

From our first meeting on, we will educate you on and pursue the benefits that are available to you which include:

  • • Temporary total disability
  • • Wage loss
  • • Living maintenance
  • • Permanent partial disability
  • • Permanent total disability
  • • Amputations/scheduled loss of body part
  • • Wage rate increases
  • • Safety violations
  • • Death or dependent benefits

We have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of work injuries. Experience means that you’ve been around long enough to see countless situations, medical conditions, employer tactics and all types of injuries. We’ve been there. We’ve seen it. We know how the system works. We can help.

We have represented over 6,000 clients. Most of our business comes from satisfied clients referring their family and friends to us. We are trusted by clients, doctors and fellow attorneys to help the people that they care about to get compassionate quality representation.

Don’t assume that you’re getting everything you deserve. You should know your rights and no claim is too small. We will give you straight talk and an honest assessment of your claim. Let us remove the burden of finding and pursuing the benefits you need. You deserve to get the treatment and income you need to recover from your injury.